Friday, October 12, 2007

More than just a wedding

The wedding service is an important event for both of you, your family and friends. It is the event where you make a committment in the presence of God, each other and the public to be together forever. Some people view it as a bridge to life together.

Before you make such a committment you and your partner will benefit from spending some time preparing not just for the ceremony but also a life of being married. Following are some information and resources to help you:

PREPARE is a resource administered by many pastors, celebrants and marriage counsellors...
Its aims are to help couples:
Explore their strength & growth areas
Strengthen their communication skills
Learn Ten Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict
Explore family-of-origin issues
Develop financial budget & plans
Develop personal, couple & family goals

If you would like more details about how this works and local contacts please contact me at

Many congregations, marriage counsellors and celebrants offer pre marriage courses. These courses are focussed on helping you develop your relationship and encourage you to think about many issues relating to life together.
Many of these courses help couples in the areas of:
understanding the importance of commitment
recognising and appreciating your differences
resolving conflict
spending time together
nurturing your friendship
making each other feel loved
developing a good sexual relationship
importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

how to grow and change with each other
common marriage stress points
keeping Christ central in your marriage
Ask your pastor about a pre marriage course or contact me on
(note there are also course and oportunities for people who are already married and want to strengthen their marriage)

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