Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A book: the Lutheran Handbook on Marriage

The Lutheran Handbook on Marriage
In this book you will find:

The Lutheran Model for Marriage and Its Biblical Forerunners
The Five Stages of the Luther/von Bora Marriage
Katharina von Bora's Herring Barrel Escape from the Convent
Five Noteworthy Things Martin Luther Said about Marriage
Portrait of Martin and Katie
Five Faithful Couples in the Bible
Five Unfaithful Couples in the Bible
The Five Most Interesting Things Paul Said about Marriage
The Three Most Interesting Things the Song of Solomon Says Dating & Courtship
Ten Rules for the First Date
The Top Ten Attributes to Look for in a Spouse
How to Probe for Your Prospective Spouse's True Religious Views
The Five Most Effective Ways to Pop the Question The Wedding
Anatomy of a Lutheran Wedding
How to Plan a Lutheran Wedding
How to Select Your Maid of Honor or Best Man
How to Make Mutually Satisfactory Decisions about the Wedding
The Five Most Overused Wedding Bible Readings
Five Fresh Bible Wedding Readings
The Five Most Overused Wedding Hymns
Five Fresh Wedding Hymns
How to Light the Unity Candle without Setting the Bride's Hair on Fire
How to Respond When the Groomsman or Bridesmaid Faints
Five Common Wedding Ceremony Emergencies and How to Handle Them The First Year
How to Train Your Spouse
How to Merge Household Possessions
How to Merge Household Finances
How to Share a Car
How to Maintain Your Own Friendships
The Five Most Important Things to Remember When Choosing Your First Home
How to Decorate a Lutheran Home
How to Choose a Church Home Together
How to Establish a Routine of Daily Devotions
How to Keep Christ at the Center of a Marriage
How to Negotiate Where You Go for the Holidays
How to Prevent In-Law Encroachment
How to Prepare for an In-Law Visit
How to Respond to an In-Law's Nosy Question
Seven Common Moments in Which You Should Think before You Speak
How to Identify an Ill Spouse
Four Biblical Passages to Quote When You Call Your Spouse by an Old Flame's Name
How to Make Your Marriage a Springboard for Ministry
How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts in Your Marriage
How to Forge a Strong Second Marriage
How to Parent Your Spouse's Children Early Years
How to Manage a Household Calendar
How to Start and Maintain Your Own Holiday Traditions
How to Choose Your Child's Godparents
How to Get Your Family to Church on Sunday Morning
How to Pack a Diaper Bag for Worship
The Top Five Criteria for Evaluating the Church Nursery before Putting Your Kids in There
How to Handle Your Child's Non-Lutheran Friendships
How to Adopt a Child
How to Enjoy a Successful Marriage without Children Middle Years
How to Survive the Seven-Year Itch
How to Date Your Spouse and Keep Things Spicy
How to Balance Work, Home, and Church
How to Preserve Your Marriage through Your Kids' Adolescent Years
Ten Tips for Surviving the "Sandwich Generation" Years
How to Handle a Career Change
How to Recognize a Midlife Crisis
How to Maintain Your Marriage as You and Your Spouse Change Later Years
Ten Effective Ways to Dislodge Your Adult Children from Your Home
How to Survive after Your Kids Leave Home
How to Spoil Your Grandchildren Rotten
How to Grandparent Other Peoples' Kids
How to Survive Your Spouse?s Retirement
How to Retire without Ruining Your Marriage
Seven Rewarding Ways to Spend Time after Retirement
How to Support Your Spouse through a Serious Illness
How to Honor Your Spouse?s Memory
How to Plan Your Own Funeral
How to Leave a Legacy Money, Sex, & Other Fractious Issues
How to Navigate an Interdenominational or Interfaith Marriage
How to Get Your Spouse to Accompany You to Church
How to Plan Your Lutheran Vacation
How to Resolve Marital Conflict
Common Marriage "Stressors" and How to Manage Them as a Team
How to Talk to Your Spouse about Money
How to Write a Will (to Prevent a Posthumous Fight over Your Assets)
How to Write Living Wills Together
How to Plan for Retirement
How to Talk to Your Spouse about Sex
The Top Five Ways to Strengthen Marital Communication The Top Ten In-Law Issues and How to Deal with Them
How to Be Gracious to Your Spouse?s Friends Even When You Don't Really Like Them
How to Avoid Being Triangulated by the Kids
How to Decide Who Does What around the House
How to Share the TV Remote Control

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